IDEAS, established by Ms. Weng Ling, a distinguished curator of integrative arts, embodies a fundamental philosophy of harmonizing and advancing the fusion of “grand art” and “grand science” to envision an ideal future for humanity, cities, and the natural world. Through the meticulous development and elevation of both the natural and human environment, IDEAS actively advocates for constructive social transformation.

We firmly believe in the inherent potential of humanity and are dedicated to crafting sustainable solutions for urban, social, and natural landscapes, fostering a trajectory of positive social advancement.

About Founder

Weng Ling, a luminary art curator and the visionary founder of IDEAS, the Beijing Center for the Arts (BCA), and Arts China Union. As one of the earliest and most influential champions of Chinese contemporary art, Ms. Weng Ling has dedicated herself to seamlessly integrating contemporary art into the evolution of urban, social, and environmental landscapes for numerous years. She stands as a trailblazer, pioneering the concept of art as a catalyst for urban transformation. An esteemed expert and pivotal practitioner, she has played a crucial role in fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations across art, science, environmental conservation, design, and various other domains.